I'm here to help.

I help nonprofits do the hard work of changing the world with my experience in digital organizing and online campaigns. Whether it's navigating the ever-changing landscape of online marketing, taking a deep dive into data processes, or finding the perfect way to tell a story, I put my heart into my work and deliver strong results.


From content to design, A/B testing, and analytics, I can build a strong email program that keeps you out of the spam box, deepens your relationship with supporters, and builds trust in your brand.

Social Media

There's no better way to reach and engage with audiences than online. With a thoughtful content calendar, rigorous ad testing, and daily management, I'll help cultivate a base of fans who are excited to support your mission.


Fundraising doesn't have to be scary. We can do message testing to see what motivates your audience, utilize rapid response moments, and create an end-of-year fundraising campaign that stands out from the crowd.


Are you telling the story of your organization in the most compelling way possible? I'll use my passion for crafting narratives to help tell the world about your mission, vision, values, and success.